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Elopement Packages

        Gold Package -
This is for the couple who has time to
             plan, and wants to make their ceremony personal
            and fun.  There are a few decisions to make, but not
            too many.  Starting at $425 for weekdays
              ~ Receipt of Planning Pages
              ~ Lightly personalized ceremony
              ~ Keepsake copy of the ceremony
              ~ Keepsake Marriage or Handfasting Certificate
                        Read more about
~ May include up to 20 guests.  More would be a full wedding, and we can discuss different packages.
    Silver Package -
The Silver Package is for those who have a license and want to show up. 
            This is a TRUE elopement!  Starting at $225 for weekdays.  This is ONLY available for small elopements.
            This package is only available in our local area, we do not travel for this package.
              ~ Standard "No Frills" Elopement

Elope PA & MD               ~ Couple selects their spirituality
               ~ Very short notice.   Few guests, if any.

 Getting a marriage license in PA             
          You can go to the courthouse nearest you.  A marriage license issued in PA is valid anywhere in the state.  So if you live in Philadelphia, and are getting married in Gettysburg, you don't have to arrive early, or make a special trip to get your marriage license.  Here are a few of our local ones:

          Adams County Courthouse - 111 Baltimore Street  Gettysburg, PA           
"We did it!  So can you!"
                  (717) 337-9844
          Franklin County Courthouse -157 Lincoln Way East, Chambersburg, PA
                  (717) 264-4125
          York County Courthouse
- 45 North George Street  York, PA 
                  (717) 771-9234

Getting a marriage license in MD
          In MD, you must know the location of the ceremony, and the county in which it is located.  The license must
          be issued by that county.  Here are a few of our local ones:

           Carroll County Courthouse - 55 North Court Street, Westminster, Maryland
                  (410) 386-2022
           Frederick County Courthouse - 100 West Patrick Street, Frederick, MD
                 (301) 600-1976
           Washington County Courthouse - 24 Summit Avenue, Hagerstown, MD
                (301) 790-7991

Getting a marriage license in Washington DC
  Weddings in DC must have a license from Washington DC. 
                     500 Indiana Ave NW #4485  Washington, DC 20001    Phone:  202-879-4840

the courthouse you wish to go to for the most up-to-date information.
Elopement Bouquet

Make the day EXTRA special with a few details: 
Photography - Check out Clark Photography
Photography -  Check out Victorian Photo Studio  
Bouquets or flowers, check out The Flower Boutique in Gettysburg. 
                         Flowers for any budget starting at $10

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